On Monday, Harper headed south to Aviemore for the Cairngorms Business Partnership Annual Conference. She spoke to a variety of Cairngorms-based businesses to learn about their weather and climate impacts.

In his remarks, Cairngorms National Park Authority CEO Grant Moir highlighted the necessity for businesses to adapt to current and future climate impacts. We could not agree more. Climate resilience is essential for businesses to protect their people, infrastructure, services, and reputations, while also contributing to the well-being of their local community. It is a strategic imperative for businesses to adapt to the changing climate to secure their long-term success in this incredible region.

We look forward to working with our Highlands and Islands Enterprise colleagues to help support this resilience within the Cairngorms business community and across the Highlands.

Conference highlights also included insightful sessions on online engagement from Rene Looper and Alastair Miller of Tuminds Social Media Ltd and artificial intelligence from Craig Paterson of Sona Learning.

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