Are you struggling to come up with stories of how weather and climate change have impacted you in Highland? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Remember, every story is important, and every contribution helps us work toward a more resilient region. So don’t be afraid to share your experiences, no matter what they are. Once you have a story or experience in mind, click here to add it to the Highland Weather and Climate Map. Without further ado, here are 50 story prompts…

Weather and Climate Impacts Across Highland
  1. Water supply and quality
  2. Landslides
  3. Strong winds
  4. Fire risk
  5. Snow and ice accumulation
  6. Coastal erosion
  7. Soil erosion
  8. Air quality
  9. Dampness
  10. Flooding
Impacts on your Highland Home
  1.  Home value
  2. Insurance costs
  3. Pest infestations
  4. Reduced access
  5.  Construction and repair delays
  6. Ventilation in summer
  7. Garden productivity and species choice
  8.  Landscape change
  9.  Outdoor access
  10. Community support
Impacts on your Highland Business
  1. Supply chain disruption
  2. Business continuity
  3. Productivity
  4. Seasonal demand
  5. Tourism levels
  6. Product damage or spoilage
  7. Access
  8. Property value
  9. Livestock health
  10. Resource availability
Impacts on your Highland Lifestyle
  1. Food availability
  2.  Transportation disruption
  3. Shorter winter seasons
  4. Increased tick-borne illness
  5. Changes to cultural heritage sites
  6. Wildlife population changes 
  7.  Anxiety and stress
  8. Biodiversity loss
  9. Cost of living
  10. Event cancellations
Impacts on Infrastructure
  1. Design choices
  2. Weather-proofing
  3. Heat stress
  4. Pipes bursting
  5. Insurance costs
  6. Heat and energy costs
  7. Ventilation in summer
  8. Roof damage
  9. Renewable energy access
  10. Power outages