Businesses globally, regionally, and locally are committing to reduce their impact on the planet. It does not matter the size of your business, what industry or where you are located – your commitment to reducing carbon emissions can make a massive difference. Not only helping the planet but also your customers too! There are resources out there to help your business on its climate journey, from meeting net zero targets to building climate resilience:

Adaptation Finance Guide and Business Cases

This resource is suitable for sustainability, finance, and project development focused professionals, to help you understand the shortfall between the finance available for adaptation and the amount needed. The guide will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to support funding an adaptation project in Scotland.

Is your business Climate Ready?

This checklist will help you to control the threats, impacts, and opportunities presented to all areas of your business. It is important to consider how your business may need to adapt to any changes in demand for goods/services, or if supply chains are disrupted. Adaptation Scotland provide trading and business protection advice to help make your premises more climate resilient.

Guide to Building Maintenance in a Changing Climate

Are you a property owner? This guide will allow you to find out how local buildings may be impacted by climate change. Learn about protecting your building from damage and decay, whilst being guided on how to carry out repairs and reduce the risk of higher costs for future repairs as some properties may be irreplaceable.

Climate Hazards & Resilience in the Workplace

A range of adaptation solutions have been developed to help businesses identify any climate related hazards in the workplace. Adaptation Scotland and the Scottish Trade Union have worked together to allow workers a voice in the practicality of understanding and tackling the challenges of damage, disruption, and potential workplace injuries. A handbook, workbook and webinar recordings are available to help you identify climate related hazards and provides tools on how to action adaptation measures in a socially just way to build resilience.