The changing climate will impact communities across the Highlands. Many are already undergoing disruptions and damage due to extreme weather. Communities can take various actions to prepare and build resilience for the short- and long-term changes to our climate.

The Highlands and Islands Climate Hub aim to empower community led action across the region and there is a large number of resources available on their website – including a member’s area which offers templates for everything from finance and risk assessments to monitoring and evaluation and community engagement ideas.

Community Climate Adaptation Routemap

Whatever kind of community you are, there are things you can do to build resilience and prepare for climate change and at the same time make your place healthier, safer and more comfortable to live in for humans and other creatures alike. The Routemap is split into three distinctive stages: ‘getting started’, ‘understanding climate change in your community’, and ‘taking action’.

Adaptation Scotland Starter Pack

This is a beneficial tool for those who are new to understanding the concept of climate adaptation. Organisations may also find the starter pack useful if they want to review the performance of their adaptation journey, with support included from the Adaptation Capability Framework.

Adaptation Scotland Community Adaptation Actions

Communities can use this guide to help increase their climate resilience and learn the practical steps that need to be taken to protect the natural environment, our homes, schools, and other built assets from climate change impacts. This resource will allow further discussion with communities and community-based organisations on how to raise awareness about climatic impacts and how to adapt.

Guide to Building Maintenance in a Changing Climate

Are you a property owner? This guide will allow you to find out how local buildings may be impacted by climate change. Learn about protecting your building from damage and decay, whilst being guided on how to carry out repairs and reduce the risk of higher costs for future repairs as some properties may be irreplaceable.

SEPA’s “Be prepared for flooding”

This resource provides quick and simple steps to help prepare your home for flooding. Floods can happen quickly and unexpectedly, so it is never too late to plan for the impacts. Visit Floodline for further advice.

Adaptation Finance Guide and Business Cases

This resource is suitable for sustainability, finance, and project development focused professionals, to help you understand the shortfall between the finance available for adaptation and the amount needed. The guide will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to support funding an adaptation project in Scotland.