Our Story


The Highland Adapts partnership was formally established in 2021 when nine founding partner organisations committed to working together to drive transformational action towards a prosperous, climate-ready Highland.

These organisations agreed to distribute power throughout the partnership, recognising that diverse partners should be involved in Highland Adapts. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are key to everything we do.

Since 2021, Highland Adapts has been developing a community of practitioners in the Highlands and supporting their work. You can learn more about the Highland Adapts structure here.


  • Develop a strong knowledge and evidence base, setting out the climate risks and opportunities that will affect the region
  • Facilitate information sharing through a range of resources
  • Identify opportunities to reduce and overcome these climate risks
  • Develop a shared adaptation strategy and suite of action plans
  • Support others to use plans to form the basis of projects and activities across the public sector, community, land management and business sector plans, strategies and investments
  • Support the public sector to embed climate change adaptation throughout their business
  • Support community climate change action.