Highland Charter for Climate, Nature, and Health


The Highland Climate Charter was first developed by the Highland Adapts Community Climate Advocates Group in 2022 for the first Highland Climate Festival. The aim of this charter was to raise awareness of climate change, to build momentum across Highland, and to celebrate the work that individuals, communities, organisations, and businesses are doing to create a prosperous, climate-ready region.

In 2024, alongside the Highland Environment Forum, Highlands and Islands Climate Hub, and Highland Green Health Partnership, we are proud to be relaunching the charter with an expanded focus and even more ambitious aims.

The Highland Charter for Climate, Nature, and Health is a pledge to put climate, nature, and the benefits of green and blue health at the centre of decision-making and action, so that the natural environment and people have improved health, wellbeing, and resilience. It builds upon the previous Highland Climate Charter by bringing together three elements that are essential for the wellbeing of the planet and people.

Visit the charter’s website to learn more and to sign the charter.