How We Work


The Highland Adapts governance approach is based on shared power with clear channels of communication and domains of accountability to support a collective journey towards meaningful transformation.

Core Group

The centre of the Partnership connecting all the thematic teams and is the delivery mechanism.

Programme Board

The strategic decision-making body that provides the general direction and support and ensures we remain true to our purpose and principles.

Community Climate Advocates

Supports and empowers a network of community climate action champions across the region, ensuring climate change adaptation is embedded in all community action in Highland in a consistent and integrated way.

Public Sector Peer Support Group

Supports and guides public sector agencies to integrate/embed climate change adaptation.

Place-Based Planning Team

The listening and ‘challenging’ arm of the Partnership, rooted in the community and focussed on gathering data and building the big picture.

Business Support Group
Communications Team

A vibrant and creative team that leads on developing, implementing and revising the HA communication strategy; supporting, informing, inspiring and celebrating climate action across the whole community

Guiding Principles

  • Transformational Action
    through brave leadership, we embed hope and prioritise action.
  • Collaboration
    we facilitate working together and the sharing of knowledge, expertise and resources.
  • Place-based
    we are place-centred, with an approach that is bottom-up and fully inclusive.
  • Evidence-based
    all our action is supported by up to date qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Sustainable
    we only endorse robust, resilient and future-proof actions using the blueprint of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a flourishing, climate-ready future for all.
  • Influence
    we use our presence and connections to support cultural change
  • Climate and social justice
    our work is rooted in a deep understanding of the needs and priorities of communities.
  • Build capacity
    through education, knowledge sharing and facilitating connections we increase confidence and the ability to adapt in others
  • Celebrate
    we communicate and promote ongoing inspiring climate action and initiatives.
  • Empower
    we enable communities/places to increase control over their ability to adapt to and mitigate climate change.