Living in the Highlands, we regularly experience more than one remarkable weather element in a typical day – whether it be heavy rainfall, or the warm Scottish sun decides to make an appearance, we always have something to speak about in relation to the local weather. We know the climate is changing both in Highland and around the world, with changes predicted to only keep on intensifying in the future. Our stories and lived experiences of weather and climate across Highland provide the evidence needed to help better understand the climate risks and opportunities we may face over the coming decades.

The team at Highland Adapts have developed a very easy to use tool which will walk you step by step through placing a story on the map. If you would like to participate further, there is a more extensive survey also available through the same link. We understand that engaging online is not feasible for everyone and we are committed to making this as accessible as possible. If you or someone you know would benefit from additional support or assistance, please let us know.

So, how have you experienced or been impacted by weather and climate across the Highlands? To access the map and share your stories, visit