It takes a village! Or, in the case of Highland Adapts, it takes a network of thematic teams. Let’s break them down:

1️⃣ The Highland Adapts Core Group is the centre of the partnership and all information flows through this group. The Core Group connects all of the other Highland Adapts thematic teams and supports their functioning. The Core Group is also a great support for the Highland Adapts staff. For example, during February’s Core Group Meeting, we reviewed the Highland Council’s update to the Highland Community Planning Partnership.

2️⃣ The Highland Adapts Board leads on long-term planning and ensures the initiative remains true to the mission and purpose. The Programme Board is the strategic decision-making body and contains a representative from each of Highland Adapts’ nine governing partners. Helen Lavery of Zero Waste Scotland is currently the chair of the Highland Adapts board.

3️⃣ Our Communications Team brings together communications experts from our partner organisations to identify links within engagement initiatives in the Highlands and to provide guidance on Highland Adapts’ public relations, communications, and online presence. This month, our communications team discussed our plans for 2024. Watch this space!

4️⃣ The Community Climate Advocates connects a network of community climate action across the region, ensuring climate change adaptation is embedded in all community action in Highland in a consistent and integrated way. In the past, this group developed the first Highland Climate Charter.

5️⃣ and 6️⃣ The Highland Business Climate Network and Place-Based Planning Teams are designed to bring together businesses and place planners to embed adaptation within their work. These groups are both currently on hiatus, but we still engage with business and place planners in many different aspects of our work. We hope to bring these groups back in the future.

7️⃣ Highland Public Sector Adaptation Peer Support Gatherings (there is no shorter way to say that, we tried) are an informal opportunity for public sector organisations in Highland to share experiences, learnings, and challenges related to their adaptation work. Last year, we heard from Katie Andrews formerly of Highland Council, Alan Gale and Doug Mitchell from Forestry and Land Scotland, Gary Donaldson from Transport Scotland, and Gayle Barclay from Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd.

8️⃣ Last but not least, the staff team carries out the work set by each of the thematic groups, including producing the first Highland Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment, building new partnerships, managing social media and our website, and chairing meetings of many of the thematic teams.

Thank you to everyone who is part of our thematic groups and our wider network for making our work possible.