Changeworks is Scotland’s leading environmental charity delivering solutions for low-carbon living. They develop and deliver high-impact solutions to make low-carbon life a positive reality for everyone. Changeworks has over 35 years’ experience in delivering high-impact solutions for low-carbon living. They work collaboratively with partners, organisations and householders to drive transformation in energy efficiency and to tackle fuel poverty. 

The Scottish Government has set a legally binding target for net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045 and an 80% reduction in emissions by 2030. This will require one million homes in Scotland to convert to low-carbon heating systems by 2030 and the energy efficiency of these and many more homes to be improved. 

Changeworks has been delivering energy efficiency measures for housing over nearly four decades. They have led the way in delivering solutions to lower carbon emissions, tackle fuel poverty and help householders to save energy.   

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