Highlife Highland is a charity registered in Scotland with the aim of developing opportunities in culture, learning, sport, leisure, health and wellbeing throughout the whole of the Highlands. Imogen Furlong sits on both the Climate Advocates and Core Group for Highland Adapts, representing the Highlife Highland Countryside Ranger Service which Imogen manages – with responsibilities for community conservation volunteering, green health provision, environmental and Scottish Outdoor Access Code education, and also contributing to the biodiversity duties of the Highland Council. There is a growing need to work with local communities to design adaptations to climate change, which work for locality, people and wildlife.

Climate hack: Start to better understand the nature in your local area through biological recording. Records are essential to help monitor species numbers. If you are feeling fit, why not get involved with some local conservation volunteering? Simply opening up a conversation on a local issue that might be affected by climate change with your neighbour can also lead to ideas and action.

Find out more about the Highlife Highland Countryside Ranger Service here.