Planet Sutherland is simply about helping everyone do more to help the planet. We thrive on initiating discussions and ideas and helping them to fruition. We support projects involving a wide variety of themes; from carbon cafes and film nights to growing, recycling and more general environmental and emotional support. Everyone can do something, but it’s more fun to do stuff with others.

We are therefore involved with lots of groups enabling information to be shared across many networks. We see Highland Adapts Climate Advocates as the central point of our community Highlands and Islands Network, branching out to others like the Highlands and Islands Climate Hub, the Highland Good Food Partnership, the Highland Community Waste Partnership and Future Communities Highlands and Islands. Together we can develop the Highlands and Islands into a highly resilient, happy, and secure place to live.

Planet Sutherland, SCIO, was formed by Anna Patfield, who is the key networker in our organisation, whilst our committee and members are working hard with many different planet friendly projects in the region the region.

Climate hack: Get Growing! Get together with neighbours and friends to form a mini growing group, share excess produce, growing tips and even help with veg growing rotations or sharing in greenhouse/polytunnel costs and management.

Gardening not only helps improve food resilience and reduces food waste, but also builds our physical and emotional health through physical exercise, gardening health and socialisation. Using organic (or natural) growing methods also helps to build soil health by reducing the use of fertilisers, fungicides, and pesticides. This not only improves the nutritional value of our food but also helps with biodiversity through companion planting with flowers that help our bees and useful beasties. And it’s fun!

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