Each stripe on the graphic below represents the average temperature for a single year, relative to the average temperature over the period as a whole. Shades of blue indicate cooler-than-average years, while red shows years that were hotter than average. The stark band of deep red stripes on the right-hand side of the graphic show the rapid heating in recent decades.

As you can see, there are natural fluctuations in temperature year to year, going as far back as we have data. We therefore need to prepare for both warmer-on-average temperatures and more extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, both hot and cold. Your input is just as important as this kind of Met office data. By sharing your experiences, you help us identify risks at much smaller scales. This will enable all of us to make the best, most place-specific adaptation decisions.

Here are some prompts about temperature. We’d love for you to add a new story or experience to the map today.

  1. Have you noticed changes in the timing of seasonal activities or events, such as flowering or bird migration?
  2. Have you experienced any health impacts or changes in your overall wellbeing due to hot or cold temperatures?
  3. Have you had to make any changes to your home or daily routine to cope with hotter or colder temperatures?
  4. How have changing temperatures affected your garden or outdoor plants in the Scottish Highlands?
  5. Have you noticed any changes in the types of wildlife you see or the behaviour of local animals due to changes in temperature?
  6. How have changes in temperature affected local businesses or industries, such as agriculture or tourism?
  7. How have changing temperatures affected your energy usage or bills?
  8. How do you think the changing temperatures will impact you in the future, and what steps could you take to prepare for these changes?

Add your story here: https://lnkd.in/ewEMxffb

The warming stripes for Highland are based on Met office data from Inverness. Learn more about warming stripes here: https://carboncopy.eco/local-climate-action/highland